How to Remove Belkin Router Software From Your Mac

I installed the Belkin software that came with my new router. I don’t know why – I knew I really didn’t need to, as it’s just a router – but what the hell. Little did I know that it was going to make my CPU go a little wonko, sucking up precious CPU cycles when I needed them most for useless Photoshop filters, watching Hulu and ignoring emails. So, just in case you did the same thing, I will spare you the agony of finding out how to do it. I could have scoured my computer and removed all the pieces I found, but I felt that I shouldn’t have to do that – so I tried to find an easier way.

First, I looked on the internets, with no luck.
Then, I checked Belkin’s help pages – no luck either.
Then, I called Belkin. They wouldn’t help me unless I paid.
Then, I asked for a supervisor.
Then, I talked to a technician without paying (yay!)
Then, I was on hold for 10 minutes.

And then, at last, the directions on how to uninstall, from a wonderful tech in another wonderful country (she was quite pleasant.) Finally, my not-very-long nightmare of CPU hogging was about to come to an end! I shall share:

1) Go to the Applications folder.
2) Open the folder called Belkin.
3) Double-click on the script icon called “Uninstall.”


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