Semiannual Blog Update

Since I rarely update and don’t want to be mistaken for “dead,” it felt like it was time to say something. Yes, I’m alive, taking pictures of injured birds and destroying front tires on random objects.

_MG_5957So what’s interesting of late? They replaced the head on my 2013 GTI due to a bent valve. Fun. Now the car feels twice as fast. I highly recommend Curran VW of Stratford, CT. Now to
get another tire…

_MG_5941I’m preparing for my biannual trip to Rochester, NY to visit my sister, This time, I’m breaking up the trip by staying in a hotel about 4-5 hours into the trip. Better than snoozing in the car at a service area on the New York State Thruway.

Other random items…I need to get rid of this compulsion to watch Russian Dash Cam videos – not the death kind; just the “I don’t know how to drive and I like it that way” kind. They are strangely fascinating, however I find that when I drive now, I expect someone to pass me at a high rate of speed constantly. I’ve been slacking on my guitar playing – actually I need to buy a new guitar as I no longer have my 6-string (long story)…

So that’s it for now…I may update soon, I may not. We’ll see…

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